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In that kind of mood where I post emo-poetry again...

Why the hell do these blackholes take ahold of me...?!

I can't be bothered to do anything: listen to music, read, watch tv... type random things into Google images.....!  NOTHING!!!

Guys, I feel horrible and I have no idea how to stop it....


Seriously, all I can think about is geting out of this town for good.  If I don't get outof here by the time I'm 20, in three years timeI fear I never will.....

I'm jst so fed up....

31st Oct, 2012


That's not even his full smile.  When he smiles fully, you can't help but fall in love.

I'm in a grump. :I

Bah. :(

It was my birthday on the 10th.  Whoop de fricken doo.  I've survived 17 years of this crap.

I had a cyst removed from my leg on the ninth.  Got four stitches.  Worst bit was getting the local anaesthetic injected into my leg!  OWWWWWWW!!!!!  Now my leg's itchy as a dog's flea infested back!  Mum says it's because it's healing, I say it just likes being annoying! :(

Hurt my jaw some-unknown-how!  Grump.

And for some reason I just feel angry right now! :(  FEEEEEEEEELS Y U SO MEAN!!!!!!

Mah buh blahgft!

-Faye xo
I'm not sure which account to put this under ( or ) because it's kind of personal, sort of not... just fictional ramblings.  So I think I'd better post it in both!)

I was reading V2:P2 of THROAM and realised just how much Ryan was in love with Brendon.

I got an urge to write, so I did. It's not very structured, or organised but it feels right.

Kinda written from Ryan's POV.

If the cut doesn't work, sorry!  They are not my friend! *sheepish smile*

Read more...Collapse )

(Originally posted at FayEllen's Insanity Explained)

-Faye xo

SSHHHH!!!!! No Dr Who!!!!!!!! :(

I'm having to record it (Oh the things I do for THROAM...)! So shad up!


'Ello up there Left Handers Day banner.  ICU creepin'!

Hello to all my fellow lefties!
How awesome is it that we have our own day?! :D

I let out such a squeal when I realised today was the 13th of August! :D

Anyway, that's my random post for the day done!

Buh-bye for now,

-Faye xo

(Going over to: clear_your_soul , so hopefully you'll see the post from over there--if you're friends with my writing journal.  If you're not.... WHY T F NOT?!

Now, bu-bye.)
So, HI!

I know I've been kinda MIA for a while now, but I'm back and more ramble-y than ever!

Started new meds (Fluoxetine/Prozac/whatever) back in April and still trying to work out the kinks.  Was iffy about starting them, but they seem to have worked so far. Made my moods less...uh... whoosh! big happy :D --2 seconds later-- fwooop! bid sad D: ... Yep.
Erm yeah.  And apparetnly I have ADD as well as Asperger's Syndrome.  So on new meds for that.

I sat maths exams last Monday and Wednesday!!!!! :D  As some people know, for me, that is huge!!! :D  I have really bad issues with nerves and anxiety so just for me to be in an exam-sitting situation and not having a panic attack was huge!  I think I passed as well!  I find out...ehh... late August ish.... so that's annoying.
(IF I PASS I GET A NOSE STUD [Or tickets to American Idiot: The Musical...maybe...]!!!)

Umm... my school's
2012 Leaver's Prom is coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
July 6th for anyone who wants to know...

I'm going back for Post 16 Sixth Form, so technically I'm not leaving, but I'm still invited, and I have a ticket!  Meaning, I'm entitled to go!

Got my dress picked out!  And partially paid for.  (It's £225 [that's...$353?-ish?] and my wonderful amazing lovely pretty mother is paying for it! :D)  It's red!  (Was actually quite iffy about wearing a red dress with my dark strawberry blonde hair [Let's just call me ginger and be done!], blue eyes and pale freckled skin [Yeah, in other words I'm pretty much a female teenaged Patrick Stump!].) With small black and white crystal detail on the waist.  It's 50s Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffanys style!  SO PRETTY!!!!
Got my little charity shop £1.50 bloody bargain black satin bag!
Still trying to decide on shoes...  Wanted black patent leather peep toe court shoes... but it's "summer" and they're impossible to find!  Mum said black satin peep toes with bows...  Well fuck it.  We've ordered them both.  Now I just gotta learn how to walk in them! XD
Not so sure on jewellery.  My Dad was in hospital recently (more on that later), the hospital had a little giftshop, the giftshop had a couple of jewellery cabinets, and in one of the jewellery cabinets was a silver-plated black gem studded bangle, which Mum says would go wonderfully with the dress...
So basically, I'm taking the shoes, the bangle, and maybe a pair of earrings to a dress fitting on Wednesday! :)

Like I said, incredibly briefly, my Dad was in hospital.  Nothing too serious (For him.  Chronic sciatica this time.  Normally it's something to do with his heart or lungs...) but it still had me crying and missing him and being a generally perfect daughter... until he got back! >:D  From now on it's Miss Faye Ellen "The Bitch" Younger back in full force!
But he's back and that's the main thing.  Still using two walking sticks, feeding his birds, making sure aphids don't eat his tomato plants and making smells that only our dog has ever made!

Oh!  And my cat's ill (kinda).  On Thursday he came across our neighbours garden, walking funny and meowing at me.  He normally jumps over the fence but this time he waited for me to come and lift him over.
He then stood in the hall meowing at me, I checked his food bowl, water and picked him up... Nothing helped.
When he finally decided to lie down and nap I saw that one of his back feet had a cut on it. I tried to get a cotton bud with warm water and rub it over, but he started screaming at me.
Then I noticed whenever I touched his back or his right side the screaming would grow and he would growl at me.
He seems to be unable to get comfortable and couldn't bear me touching him. I tried to see what was wrong but he hissed at me.
I noticed that he was walking funny and his tail seemed limp. It didn't flap around like it normally did.
I had no idea what had happened, other than that he got in a scrap and hurt his back.
He was whingy and moody and very un-him-like....
My Mum came home at lunchtime and we took him to the vets.
The vet noticed that his pads were all scraped and his claws had been worn thin.  Our cat spends his days inside sleeping, and his nights outside being a cat.  Sometimes he fights with out other older three cats, but rarely.
My lil' man, got fed up with this weird man poking him, so he jumped off of the table, onto the floor, and onto the window sill because he saw a bird fly past.
"Well that's a good sign."  The vet said.
I didn't even try to hold back my snort.
Anyway!  Apparently he was running out of the path of a car, car caught up to him and clipped his backend...
Now he needs his tail amputated because the nerves are all jangled up and dead inside.  Cat tails are also longer than their back legs so this can cause problems when running.

So that will be getting done sometime this week.  Along with my dress-fitting.

I do know that in 9ish hours my time, my Mum will be getting me up ready to go to hospital with her and Dad for one of Dad's pre-op checks.  He needs an echocardiogram to check there's no fluid around his heart, so he's safe for his second hip replacement.

Bloody long journal posts annoy me!
I gotta go sleep now, so I better go!
-Faye Y xo

PS: Little thing technically for   patdslashseek
I think it was called Across The Border... or something like that...
It was a Ryden and a Joncer.  The four of them were driving from Chicago?  Las Vegas?  I really can't remember.  To California... I think... On vacation... Brendon wanted to go to Disneyland and the others were like "Piss off, Bren."  Then Ryan, Jon and Spencer fell asleep Brendon started driving (No, not to Disney.) and they ended up in South America, asking for directions in lousy Spanish that Gabe most likely taught them!
Anyway!  Some guy directed them to a (gay)bar and dah dah dada dahhhh... Tequlia+Loud music+Ryan being mistaken for a lesbian=DRUNKEN MAKING OUT AND GRINDING!!!! (And one almighty headache for me....)

Sound familiar?
Google searches are pulling up nothing, and I've looked on the vacation tag on the comm... but... nothing.

New Facebook

So, after deleting my old facebook page on 26th January (I think), I really fuckin missed it and wanted to go back to it...

I felt I couldn't go back to my old account (too much history).
Luckily, I have two email adresses!
I used my newer one to make the new account.

So come add me!
Sorry for ugly link.  Not so good with.... well anthing related to links/cuts!

I'd love it if you aded me.  Anything to break up the losers from school and bands! :)

Think of this as my way of starting over.
-Faye xo


Soz for the capslock but y'know...

I just joined a ton of new communities (tyvm Community Directory!) and am looking forward to seeing new things pop up on my friends page (Glee, ONTD, and loveadvice get boring after a while!)

A bunch of mental health/Autism ones (there's gotta be something that could help), greenday_icons (gotta love icons!), adamlambertetc (great voice, stands for what he believes in, doesn't be what people want him to be, stays himself.  I really admire that.), taylor_fans (I love her so damn much!), 30STM, FOB/MCR, spencerlove (I squealed so hard!), some vegetarian/vegan (I'm not, but I like trying new things... Mainly... Then again, tt's food, I'm not really bothered!) some baking ones.. (OMFG!  COOKIEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!  GUITAR CUPCAKES!!!!!  P-:  ♥__♥), some LGBTQIA ones ("ma homies" sounds evil, but that's what's in my head!)

Ones I Noticed Were Missing And I Need ASAP:

  • Cobra Starship
  • Gym Class Heroes
  • (There are more but that's all I can think of atm)

I would make them, but I'm not so good at keeping up with things like that!

Poinless entry, but I like people that don't actually know me!  XD
-Faye xo

Any MoshiMonsters users?

(Don't worry, I hardly ever do this!)

Does anyone else have a moshimonsters account (or am I the only loser?!)

Could you please add these guys?
  1. moshime95 (me)
  2. diva_dudette (friend)
  3. luvlabibi (cousin)
  4. furry_kitcat (I-actually-have-no-clue)
  5. furieka (ditto)
  6. rokandrollaz (ditto)

Thank you and goodbye.
-Faye xo

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